Coltman Precast Concrete Ltd

Coltman Precast Concrete Ltd are now offering ALIMATS to provide support for cranes requiring outrigger support.

UK Fire Service

Following highly successful trials in 2008, the UK Fire Service has invested in ALIMATS for its major incidents response teams around the UK. Budget constraints had delayed the investment, but the teams will soon be benefiting from the new Short ALIMATS modules and the new ALIMATS Nylacast Big Foot Modules.

UKAEA – United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

Following a successful lengthy period of ALIMATS hire for lifts undertaken at the Culham Centre For Fusion Energy at Abingdon, UKAE purchase mats for continued ongoing use at the worlds largest nuclear fusion research centre.

Coltman Precast Concrete Ltd

Coltman take an industry lead and provide 3m² ALIMATS for all mobile crane lifting operations, unless standard crane mats are proved adequate by geotechnic engineering consideration.

Sangwin Plant Hire Ltd

Quick on the heals of Berry Cranes investing in the future of crane matting, Sangwin Crane Division follow suit.

“As well as utilising the ALIMATS we’ve purchased, we will be looking to hire ALIMATS from Brilliant Ideas to service more of our customers” – Andrew Fenton – Operations Director

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