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net recovery system

Net Recovery System

An alternative patented Net Recovery System; a simple system that recovers someone who has fallen from height into a safety net. It’s modular, lightweight, fast, safe, flexible, strong, unique and helps saves lives in a matter of minutes. There is no other system like this in the industry.

alimats crane outrigger mats


Our patented ALIMATS® system is a purpose designed / engineered product specifically developed to spread outrigger loadings. It’s a unique, strong, lightweight, modular interlocking system which quickly clips together to easily form a large load spread area. Available for nationwide hire and delivery.

stacker packers

Stacker Packers

Our patented Stacker Packers are manufactured with inbuilt dowels to allow the shims to interlock both horizontally and vertically to form a safe and stable shim structure to build up height shortfalls. They’re easily positioned using side dowels to avoid finger entrapment. Also available in a mini size.

shutter clips

Shutter Clips

Shutter Clips provide a quick and easy way to shutter joints in pre-cast concrete barns. Our Shutter Clip fits instantly into the joints between two precast beams, sealing it off without the need of any power tools, timber or screws. They’re sustainable, lightweight, fast, robust, safe and flexible.

all new slapp clamp

All New Slapp Clamp

An alternative patented pallet lifting solution is our All New SLAPP Clamp. It’s a Safe Lightweight Adjustable Pressing Pallet (SLAPP) lifter. It’s a safe, lightweight alternative to brick forks and is suitable for lifting block packs and mortar tubs.

temporary hole covers

Temporary Hole Covers

Our temporary Hole Covers are an incredibly simple innovation which can prevent serious injury on building sites. They’re a thin, bright yellow, anti-slip plastic board with legs built into the base which provides a quick, slim-line, eye catching, tool free alternative to the traditional timber board cover. Available in small and large sizes.

trailer mats

Trailer Mats

The Trailer Mats system comprises of 9 interconnecting airbags, which quickly inflate to give a 4ft high, 6ft wide air cushion providing fall protection around the full perimeter of the truck/trailer. It can be easily adjusted to suit the vehicles requirements.

pole drilling system

Hole System

Our pole drilling and filling system allows the hole to be marked, drilled, raw plugged and filled from floor level. The system comprises of foot pedal on a lightweight extendable pole which different accessories can be attached.

concrete carriage

Concrete Carriage

The Concrete Carriage is a strong, lightweight aluminium plate mounted on four large castors. The plate has a slit cut out to accept the pipe joint with two pop up cups to support the pipe. By placing the pipe onto the carriage, the metal clip and the majority of the pipe is kept off the floor. The perimeter of the carriage has a series of holes so a pull bar can be inserted and the carriage can be easily pulled in any direction.

tower truck

Tower Truck

The Tower Truck system is the quickest, easiest and safest method to move a tower scaffold. Let leverage do the lifting and pneumatic wheels do the shifting.